Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!OK, it’s not quite turkey day yet, but we’ve got a Thanksgiving-related show for you anyway!  Nathan gives us some great wine pics from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100, Joe debunks pumpkin, Claudine raves about Mu Shu Grill and Libbie pairs turkey and wine!  And, what does Siri recommend for your pumpkin pie fix?
Notes and helpful links form this episode:
Libbie and Nathan recall their adventures at the recent Wine Stomp in Southern Arizona.  We can tell you that they didn’t win, but they at least tried!
Nathan talks to us about some great inexpensive wines from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100.
Joe gives us the low-down on pumpkin through the ages and why it has become such a craze these days, plus other Thanksgivings around the world.
Claudine dishes about her experience at Mu Shu Grill — she just can’t say enough good things about it!
Is it possible to pair some wines with the venerable turkey?  Libbie’s got the full glass of information on that one!  Plus, is it ok to get a bit tipsy and relaxed to make the holidays go over well?  And how to do it with class and style!
What’s up with the new developments at 7th Ave and McDowell?  Is it ok that they are putting in national chains just to redevelop the area?  We’d like to see otherwise, but at least they are re-using existing buildings.
And to round out, we highly recommend buying local and supporting your independent shops and restaurants this holiday season, it keeps our local economy headed in the right direction!
From all of your tipsy hosts at your favorite food and wine show…
Have a safe, indulgent and truly ‘happy’ Thanskgiving!
Joe, Claudine, Nathan and Libbie