Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!We were so busy trying to get as many details into this episode that we even forgot to introduce ourselves!  (Going around the room during our ‘Queers’ intro it’s Joe, Nathan, Claudine and Libbie — for those playing along at home).
Claudine and Libbie, along with their partners, took a trip to San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa that has both Nathan and Joe totally jealous and they give us the details of their adventures.  From walking the wrong way and down a hill in SF to their relaxing and wine-sampling travels in wine country, we get the entire divine tale.
Nathan tells us about the wonderful trip he took recently to the Harvest Festival in the wine country of the Verde Valley of Arizona and Joe mentions the fabulous weekend (which started off with a wine tasting) up in the Red Rocks of Sedona enjoying their Pride festivities.
Ever wanted to add something a little extra special to your dessert?  How about liquor-infused whipped cream?  Yes, there is such a thing!  (Joe heard about it, strangely enough, on the NSFW show on TWiT)
Joe gives his full review of Rum Bar and the Breadfruit in Downtown Phoenix.  Hint: order the scallops, they’re totally hot!
As we enter fall, what’s your favorite food of the season?  We share our own favorites and stories.

Shameless plugs for our co-hosts blogs:
Libbie (winedayatatime.com) | Nathan (winephx.com)