Queers! Eat, Drink and Be FabulousWe’re sad to report that Libbie has retired her microphone and will only be joining us on ‘special occasions’.  No, it wasn’t personal, she still loves us!  On this edition of “Queers!”, special guest Meschelle Hornstein returns.  Oh my , could she become a regular?  Only time will tell.
As usual, we forgot to intro ourselves, but you’ll figure it out by the end of the show (or see our page info on QTalkAZ.com).
The wine featured on this episode is Four Bears USA Sean Minor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County.  And it’s quite fruity and a perfect summer wine!  Thank you Nathan for supplying the vino!
Also speaking of summer, since we have seemed to skip spring once again, it’s time to talk citrus.  Joe explains where citrus came from, what you can really do with a lemon and what comes to our minds with we think of that yellow tangy fruit!
Claudine talks to us about the Fry Bread House, a hole-in-the-wall place that was nominated for a James Beard Award!  Quite a variety of, well, fry bread choices on the menu that should appeal to just about anyone–even our vegan guest Meschelle!
Nathan talks to us about his recent experience on the Big Gay Wine Train in Napa Valley and the upcoming Gay Wine Weekend in June.  For detailed info and a great interview with the event producers, check out this archived episode of Queers!
And to wrap it up, it’s Pride Season!  Phoenix Pride is this weekend and we hope to see all of you at our booth!!  Come enter to win a Lytro camera, but most of all, just come and hang out with us and check out some of our live video broadcasts that we’ll do from Pride!  We’ve got a parade entry and live commentary and, way too much going on.  Check our Facebook pages and the QTalk AZ home page for more details!
BUT, how can you make ‘pride festival’ food fabulous?  Can the non-gourmet be turned gourmet?  And yes, oh dear, we’ve got an answer to that very question!
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